The talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors

  This stone is formed in igneous and sedimentary, aluminium-rich rocks that have been altered by surface water. Its colour is usually blue-green, sometimes mottled.

History, mythology & legends

This stone has been prized fro thousands of years as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immorality, among the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, the Native North Americans and the Ancient Chinese. For Moctezuma, the last ruler of the Aztecs, the stone was a symbol of his power and wealth, symbolizing his position as a deity.

Traditional & emotional healing

Turquoise assists with dealing with problems of the brain, eyes, ears, neck and throat. It also helps with respiratory and lung disorders, viral infections, migraines, allergies, arthritis and even rheumatism and problems with balance. The stone is believed to calm the mind and ease depression. It’s also a good stone for jet lag and fears of flying as well as empowering oneself as a victim or as someone who suffers prejudice or bullying.