About my Art


“Gemstones should be considered flowers of the earth’s crust”
Only skilled craftsmen can bring out the true colour and lustre of the stones. Suitably cut and mounted gemstones will create unique pieces of art.


The emotions and feelings that appear during my work with stones and silver have a huge impact on my jewellery. The specific properties of the stones connected with hard work make the creating process and the finishing product very personal.
The handcrafted jewellery is therefore very unique.

Healing Stones

Lots of people are instinctively drawn to specific gemstones. Some find that they feel a vibrating energy, warmth, calming or stimulating sensations. Others find that crystals or stones make them feel better and can even assist with healing. This may simply be a placebo effect. The truth is that our skin is simply absorbing minerals. For example, quartz is capable of generating small electric impulses when under stress.
Humanity has used stones to support healing for thousands of years.  
Scientist still argue and create many theories about the healing properties of gemstones.
I prefer a more practical approach. I just create artistic jewellery by shaping the stones.  However at the same time, it’s usually the stones that are shaping me

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