Banded and beautiful

Onyx is a black variety of chalcedony. Commonly found specimen contains parallel, black and/or white bands. The colours of the best are perfectly defined and parallel. This makes it well adapted for the cutting of cameos.

History, mythology & legends

Onyx was used in ancient Egypt to make bowls and other pottery items  It was mentioned in the bible several times. Ancient roman warriors entered to the battle carrying amulets made from onyx as a sign of protection.

Traditional & emotional healing

Onyx is a variety of Quartz Analogous, similar to Agate and other cryptocrystalline species. Its healing abilities are related to piezoelectric properties. Onyx is a basic stone used to help in neuralgias, arthritis, and muscle aches. 

All cultures of onyx are known as a bereaving stone. If you want to ease mental pain and calm bad emotions, just wear a necklace with onyx. White stripes bring good memory, black helps to forget bad memories.

Connected to Tiger Eye, onyx creates a very powerful protection shield against bad energy and negative emotions.